John David Ebert | Rage and the Word
Gilgamesh, Akhenaten, Moses and the Birth of the Metaphysical Age


Culture critic and guerrilla educator John David Ebert delves into ancient history, documenting various roots of Western metaphysics that reach deeper into the past, and demonstrate the wider regional influences than typically understood.  Also included via link: An extended YouTube discussion of Deleuze and Guattari’s A Thousand Plateaus: Capitalism and Schizophrenia.

Non-fiction book - 152 pages - published 2014

JD Casten | Artworks 1990-2010

Two decades of visual art from 24/7 thought broadcaster
and multi-medium artist JD Casten

Visual artbook - full color 13" x 10" 170 pages - published 2014

Jon 7 | Zen for Browser

“Noise” video artwork made with VHS source material and vintage video effect equipment


Video artwork - web gallery addition 2013

Raj Dronamraju | The Strong and the Wrong

Neither a travel book, non-fiction, an adventure novel, nor post-realism doggerel,
The Strong and the Wrong is a simple story: wherever you go you take yourself
with you, but it also possible to replace pieces of yourself with where you go

Novel - Kindle version published 2013

Casten & Thornton | Pandora

JD Casten & Adam Thornton have been making music and experimenting in sound with solo projects and various other collaborations for many years prior to working together on “Pandora.” They spent two years composing, refining, deconstructing, and producing these eleven tracks– a true labor of love

Music album - CD + digital - released 2013

Brenden MacDonald | Insights Toward Sanity

Exploring the onset of schizophrenia through autobiography and philosophy with his lucid and well crafted prose and poetry, Brenden MacDonald shares his life and ideas with passionate conviction, a commitment to justice, and a persistent desire to transform self and society with a spiritual reverence for the environment

Non-fiction book - 437 pages - published 2012

JD Casten | Cybernetic Revelation

This clearly written work probes deeply into major philosophers seen as “conceptual engineers” while exploring the dual philosophical histories of deconstruction and artificial intelligence.  It traces the development of concepts like “logos” and the modeling the mind technologically from pre-history to contemporary thinkers such as Slavoj Žižek and Steven Pinker

Non-fiction book - 772 pages - published 2012

Tie-dye Laces | Clouds

A seven track dream-pop album delving into moods on the way to mundane enlightenment




Music album - CD + digital - released 2012

Raj Dronamraju | Travels of the Anti-Johnny Appleseed

Semi-autobiographical elements of a remembered past give way to decentered views of  present culture— the Zeitgeist speaks unfiltered and non-judgmental perspectives revealing political, religious and cultural attitudes as if through internet surfing, TV channel switching or scanning bulletin board notices.  Dialectically merging personal past and cultural present in inverted recollections of the future: an imperfect tomorrow is revealed with wit and wisdom


Poetry book - 135 pages - published 2012

Scorched Transmissions | Self-Titled

With Future Metz’s well honed rap lyrics, Avitar Virgonian’s improvisations on vintage analog gear, JD Casten’s state of the art midi programming, and joined by The Turntable Enabler, Scorched Transmissions have produced a unique album situated between history and the future with elements of classic funk colliding with dub-step, psychedelic rap fused with ambient techno, and new forms of sound


Music album - CD + digital - released 2012

Raj Dronamraju | The Absent

A nameless modern medical supply company employee’s story becomes an everyman tale of disenfranchised American workers.  Faces emerge from a crowd of names as the narrator settles into an acceptable job, only to find the busy hive of his colorful co-workers reduced one by one in the name of efficiency.  The narrator is reflected in relationships with real human beings, the 99% of the Occupy movement, losing their jobs, security, and peace of mind to corporate greed


Novel - Kindle version published 2012

Rick Stasel | Barely Invisible

The accidental, unplanned, unexpected, and unforeseen give rise to chance encounters with fortuitous and often miraculous photographs.  Reaching out to the horizon’s edge on the Oregon coast, reaching into the heartland of Oregon around the Columbia River Gorge, and concluding at home in Portland, Rick Stasel's designed arrangement of photos highlight aspects of the images while making new connections hinting at the inter-connectedness of one’s entire universe


Photography artbook - full color 10" x 8" 120 pages - published 2011

The Rhythm Messiahs | Electronic Witchcraft

Themes from the occult and magic lead to twisted and haunted instrumental atmospheres






Music album - digital - released 2011

Tie-dye Laces | Open Heart Secret

Sentimental dream-pop melodies drive into amorous obsessions






Music album - CD + digital - released 2011

Raj Dronamraju | Crippled Hearts

A lucid, humor injected style takes the reader along a series of intimate relationships with a narrative balanced between detail and momentum and on the verge of stream of consciousness, depicting the discovery of the very real women found between the protagonist Gerald Rao and getting laid.  Vivid character portraits give way to graphic love scenes, as Gerald rationalizes his complex of attitudes— often misanthropic and at odds with the American Dream


Novel - Kindle version published 2011

Ana Voog | Dreaming on Stage

In 1997, Minnesota based major label recording and multi-medium artist Ana Clara Voog (aka Rachael Olson), started the second continuous 24/7 webcam (after Jennicam), being the first 24/7 webcam oriented towards performance art featuring traditional and new medium artworks.  This edited collection of Ana Voog’s stellar photography, art and writings includes a brief introduction to situate JD Casten’s minimalist approach to curating the work


Visual artbook - full color 7" x 10" 250 pages - published 2011

Bruce Allen Bayard | The Weekly Press • Standard Edition

The Weekly Press is a series of 1000 images of digital collage. This book presents 445 of those images plus features describing the process and subsequent artworks that resulted from the project. Bruce Allen Bayard is an artist and graphic designer living in Ashland Oregon





Visual artbook - full color 8" x 10" 208 pages - published 2010

nerBeater | Thoughtful Synchronicities

Tracks discovered and mapped by the mind of nerBeater, and then tamed by the electricity of an unnamed Superstar and printed with a secret Automated Process at Blue Wave Studios, Vancouver, BC, Canada




Music album - CD + digital - released 2010

Tie-dye Laces | Sky Dreams

“although you have no idea exactly what point it happened, everything you’re hearing makes sense. All those noises have solidified together in a way that you couldn’t have foreseen. Like a puzzle that you’ve lost the master picture for coming together, every sound eventually slips into the sonic nook that’s provided for it. And you can’t imagine it working any other way” from review by
Dead as Digital


Music album - CD + digital - released 2010

Raj Dronamraju | Solidarity with the Flesh Eating Mosaic

More than thinking out loud, here we find dignity at odds with circumstance— Raj Dronamraju time and again coins original turns of phrase as he thinks through the inner mind out into a world of intimate and estranged relationships, personal soul searching and questioned social consumerism— a scarred life in an imperfect world that is not monumentalized, but rather examined with profound passion


Poetry book - 80 pages - published 2010

The Rhythm Messiahs | Half Way There

A melodic meditation on wisdom and spiritual aspirations






Music album - CD + digital - released 2010

Raj Dronamraju | The Return of the Magnificent Ninny

This work marks a critical self-examination with an attempt to forge a sane perspective in an at times almost hopeless, possibly mad world— but it also finds promise in learning to improve perceptive powers, demonstrating to us how we can refine the soul rather than accumulate material and mental baggage on a trip to who we really and already are



Poetry book - 113 pages - published 2010

The Rhythm Messiahs | Daymare

Twenty-four songs, each representing an hour from an entire day, drifting right into dreamland






Music album - CD + digital - released 2010

nerBeater | Notes Along the Notes Between

Each volume of “Notes Along the Lines Between” has a distinct approach: vol. 1 pleases the ear melodically; vol. 2 explores the experimental; and vol. 3 emphasizes lyrical-poetry.  nerBeater combines traditional composition with live electronic performance, creating a hybrid of pleasing digital melodies and beats mixed with an interplay of analog humanness



Music album - CD + digital - released 2009

nerBeater | Decibel Salad

Songs emerging by unique processes:  some squeezing  fortunate exasperation through several of the most awkward 2nd, 3rd & 4th winds a schizophrenic has ever known; others falling seemingly fully intact directly from the brain into digital sequence within minutes, with every sprig of bass tone and treble sprout creating the heartiest and surely nerBeatasty Decibel Salad for your culinary pleasure


Music album - CD + digital - released 2009

The Rhythm Messiahs | Melody Method

Music charting the course of a life, from cradle to grave.






Music album - CD + digital - released 2009

The Rhythm Messiahs | American Power Projection

Odd mid-tempo trip hop.






Music album - CD + digital - released 2009

Sara G. Umemoto | Samsara Gate

Over 40 digital photography collage and illustration images are collected here, many with enlarged details; as curated by editor JD Casten and the artist Sara G. Umemoto.  Mostly of a conceptual and surrealistic nature, the book covers the artist’s production from May 2006 to January 2009. These richly detailed, symbolically significant, and beautifully composed works are bound to astound the viewer



Visual artbook - full color 8" x 10" 108 pages - published 2009

JD Casten | Post-Digital Revelation

A prophetic novella poem about nothing less than the creation of the universe, the landing of aliens on earth, the discovery of artificial intelligence and stepping out to connect with other people. Working through a tradition reaching back through Joyce, Nietzsche, Blake, Milton, and Dante, this novella poem moves from the streams-of-consciousness of the Devil, to that of the Universal Mind, on to that of a couple of ordinary humans and an extraordinary monkey


Poetry book - 98 pages - published 2007

Audial Assassins Oscillate | Old Growth Origins

Sample hip hop music project of “Monk Metz,” “Avitar Virgonian,” the “Turntable Enabler,” and others, creating an assaulting cornucopia of auditory stimulation





Music album - CD + digital - released 2007

Avitar Virgonian | Avitar Fur (mixtapes)

The art of JJ Walker, a heavy music researcher coming from Corvallis, Oregon, and reaching out to the global underground hip-hop scene. JJ has illustrated 10 albums worth of the grooviest dub mixes you could desire




Music mixes - CDs + digital - released 2000-2004